Nashville Flood

We are engaging #PRYSMREADY in light of the March 2021 Nashville and Middle Tennessee Flooding. Why? To ensure continuity for your business operations. For affected businesses, for example a legacy on-site PBX or phone system but no way of working remote or stuck in a service contract, we ask that you complete our application form and allow us to follow up with you.

Our team will provide white glove onboarding but given the scale of this event our terms vary from that of a typical natural disaster: We will offer reduced pricing on a no-contract service that can remain active for a period of time following this event. Once concluded you may opt to retain services at a contracted amount or we’ll simply turn it off.

We’re Family


During times of natural disaster we know that you have a million things to worry about. It’s important to know who you can count on. And nobody is there for you more than family. While we can’t help you with everything, we can promise to take care of your communications needs. During natural disaster events we will be enacting our #PRYSMREADY protocol. This means that will provide communications services not only for PRYSM customers, but also for any person or business affected by these events.

We will provide temporary numbers, caller ID masking and mobile applications free of charge for up to 30 days after a natural disaster. In addition, our support team will operate under extended hours for all incidents including configuration changes, number routing and auto attendant recording at no charge.

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